Custom Superman Name Decal – Printed Personalised Superman Name


  • Large Vinyl Decal
  • High quality, self-adhesive and waterproof vinyl.
  • Rated to last 5 years outdoors and virtually forever indoors.
  • Decals can be applied to any clean, smooth and flat surface.
  • Put them on your walls, doors, windows – anywhere you want!
  • Much faster, cleaner and easier than painting.

Custom Name Decal


Custom Superman Name Decal – Printed Personalised Superman Name

Lovely Custom Superman Name Decal – Looks great in any room

Buy this stylish Custom Superman Name Decal personalised for you, a great looking vinyl wall art decal, spruce up the kids room, put it on a window.

This decal is printed on a solvent printer

Height and Width of the decal will depend on the name, so we cannot provide accurate measurements, however these are maximum widths and heights for each of the size, once one of these is reached the decal will be cut

Large – Max Width 55 cm Max Height 22 cm

Extra Large – Max Width 1375 cm Max Height 550 cm

Super Extra Large – Max Width 1875 cm Max Height 750 cm

Vinyl Info

  • matt monomeric vinyl – 3/5 years indoor durability.
  • Acrylic removable adhesive featuring high clarity and very high cohesion.
  • Application: +10°C / +40°C; Operating: -30°C / +120°C.
  • Resistance to UV light, seawater, oils, hydrocarbons and gasoline.

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