Bob Marley Silhouette – Music Vinyl Decal


  • Large Vinyl Decal
  • High quality, self-adhesive and waterproof vinyl.
  • Rated to last 5 years outdoors and virtually forever indoors.
  • Decals can be applied to any clean, smooth and flat surface.
  • Put them on your walls, doors, windows – anywhere you want!
  • Much faster, cleaner and easier than painting.


Bob Marley Silhouette – Music Vinyl Decal

Who doesn’t want their hero on the wall? Spruce yours up with this Matt finish Bob Marley Silhouette

Add a little bit of music to your wall with our Bob Marley Silhouette

Our Matt finish Silhouette decals look great on any wall or flat surface.



  • Width: 585mm
  • Height: 472mm


  • Width: 683mm
  • Height: 550mm

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