Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of websites offering personalised workwear, more ever since the country went into lockdown! This post is just a little bit about who we are, what we offer and what we can do for you.

It was always our intention to provide clothing, workwear was an option and after doing some clothing for ourselves, we decided that we wanted to offer it on a wider scale. We initially started out with Printed Vinyl Clothing, but we quickly added Embroidery into the mix to ensure that we could offer more variety to our customers.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest, which we know we aren’t, but we do try and compete with some of the bigger companies by priding ourselves on quality and customer service. Our repeat business is very high as we have lots of returning customers who are very happy with what we provide. We are just a small family run business, but we are able to turn around large orders for big customers in nice and short timescales (usually between 10-14 business days)

EmbroideryDigitising is key

Just because someone has an embroidery machine, it doesn’t mean that they can embroider your logo. Digitising the logo is just as important as which thread colour you use. We will use fewer trims where appropriate to ensure the best density for designs, we send out proofs for approval on all our designs before we put them on the clothing. We ensure that we take the garment colours into account so that your logo gives the clothing the best pop possible.

Printed ItemsWhat we do

For our printed items, we have years of experience working in design and can take your graphics and print them on to an ultra-thin and soft high-quality vinyl. We use a solvent printer to ensure that the ink will not wash out – we get quite a few new customers who have purchased items that have been done on cheap inkjet printers and the completely wrong material is used. Quite a lot of the time, when you want personalised workwear, cheapest is not always best.

Brands we use for Personalised Workwear

What we have done is built personalised workwear bundles, we have tried to take some of the best items from the popular brands like Just Hoods, Pro RTX, Stormtech & Regatta (plus a lot more) – we put items into bundles to allow our customers to have a full set of workwear, these bundles work for small 1 person businesses, 2 people bundles all the way up to big business bundles for companies with a large number of employees. We try and keep clear of the more lighter budget items.

Popular Personalised Workwear Bundles

Wide Variety of Items for Personalised Workwear

We have a wide variety of items available, both in our Personalised Workwear Bundles and Clothing offerings. You can buy 1 item (which is usually a bit more expensive) to see what our quality is like. We’ve added a little gallery to show case some of the items that we provide.

Why Chose us for your Personalised Workwear?

Not only can we provide your workwear, but we can also help you with lots of different items you need. We provide multiple different types of items that include merch, branding and full sign fitting services. We’ve added a bit of a slide show to showcase some of our recent work and what we can offer you – We provide Vinyl Decals, Bags, Water Bottles, Mugs, Car Decals, Wall Prints, Window Decals, Soft Toys, Socks, Stickers, Sports Wear, Aprons, Gifts and so much more. We’ve added some links to this page so you can click through to different parts of the wesbite. If you can’t find it then just contact us and we will help out. We’ve added a form below for ease.

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